The Organic & Natural Experience is making it’s next visit at the 9th Annual Grant Park Summer Shade Festival which takes place this weekend, August 27th & 28th, in Atlanta, Georgia! 

Stop by Grant Park, Atlanta’s oldest public park for FREE organic and natural product samples and coupons from ONE while also enjoying the cooling shade of Grant Park’s century old trees, which is how the festival got it’s name. 

The Organic & Natural Experience is excited to once again sample the popular Sweet Potato Puffs from Alexia Foods, but also overjoyed to introduce several flavors of HAPPYSQUEEZE and HAPPYMORNING smoothies from HAPPYFAMILY!

For a tasty treat at the Summer Shade Festival, visit the ONE booth anytime between 10am to 7pm on Saturday or 11am to 7:30pm on Sunday!

Also, you won’t be leaving empty-handed since the Organic & Natural Experience will be handing out coupons including the 2011 ONE Coupon Books!

For more details about this upcoming event, check out the 2011 Grant Park Summer Shade Festival website!

Also, check out The Organic & Natural Experience on Facebook for up-to-date information!

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“Always leave the soil better than you found it”… 

These words led to be one the guiding principles for Nature’s Path® Organic, which relates to each aspect of the company’s business to this day.

Nature’s Path® Organic strives to advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability. Not only does Nature’s Path® Organic grow healthy, organic food, but the company does so in a sustainable way.

Dedicated to the Environment 

The following are just a few of the environmental initiatives Nature’s Path® Organic incorporates each and every day:
  • Choosing non-toxic soy-based inks for all paperboard packaging to allow easier recycling
  • Reducing the box sizes and weights of their flaked cereals to decrease levels of unnecessary packing waste
  • Using a portion of energy coming from “Green Certificates” to make their cereals
  • Donating line waste in their factories to local farmers in order to reduce trips to the landfill
  • Raising nearly $1 million for endangered species and environments through their EnviroKidz™ EnviroFund
  • Composting office food waste at their head office, using it to fertilize the demonstration grain field and organic garden on site

Nature's Path Sustainability ReportTo learn even more about Nature’s Path® Organic’s passion for the environment, check out the recent blog post regarding their sustainability report!

Eat Well.

Use your ONE Coupon Book to save $1.00 off any Nature’s Path® Organic boxed product! Choose from a variety of healthy, organic products!

Do Good.

“Like” the Nature’s Path Organic Facebook page and follow @NaturesPath on Twitter to learn more on how you can follow their path and do good today. 

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Retail Demo Day at Whole Foods Market – Interbay

The Organic & Natural Experience started off the weekend in Seattle last Thursday, July 14th, at the Interbay Whole Foods Market! Shoppers were excited to see the bright orange ONE station full of product samples and coupons. Everyone made sure to make a visit either on their way in or out of the store!

The wide selection of brands that were seen at the ONE station for the Retail Demo Day were Alexia Foods, Brown Cow, Nature’s Path Organic, R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic and So Delicious Dairy Free!

Not only were the delicious samples a hit, but shoppers were also happy to receive their ONE coupon books to save on their purchases!

The Bite of Seattle!

After an exciting visit at the Whole Foods Market, the Organic & Natural Experience couldn’t wait to make their way to the Bite of Seattle for the rest of the weekend!  Visitors were just as excited about our visit, shown by a constant long line of people eagerly waiting for their turn at the ONE booth!

The Bite of Seattle took place downtown beautiful Seattle, at the Seattle center! The ONE booth was located right in the middle of the action, attracting everyone passing by!

By far this was the most successful event for ONE this year, which wasn’t a surprise since the Bite of Seattle has been a hit previous years! Can’t wait to make an appearance again next year!

Samples and Giveaways!

The Organic & Natural Experience provided Bite of Seattle attendees with a variety of product samples and giveaways including:

ONE Coupon Books

– Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Puffs and Coupons

Brown Cow Yogurt (Maple Cream Top, Boysenberry Low Fat, Vanilla Low Fat) and Temporary Tattoos

Nature’s Path Peanut Choco Granola Bars, Maple Pecan Granola Bars, Pumpkin Flax Granola and Tote Bags

R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Apple Juice, Organic Cran Blueberry Juice and Coupons

Santa Cruz Organic Organic Peach Lemonade, Organic Orange Mango Juice and Coupons

– So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk (Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Original Unsweetened) and Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwich Minis

Join The Organic & Natural Experience movement on Facebook! “Like” the ONE page for updates.

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Organic Valley® Soy Creamers… Non-dairy, lactose free and 100% delicious!

Organic Valley® Soy Creamers are the first USDA certified organic soy creamers. They contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils!

Homegrown Organic Soybeans

Each Organic Valley® Soy Creamer product is created with all-American, 100% certified organic soybeans coming from the Organic Valley® family farms. In fact, Organic Valley® offers you the chance to trace each carton to the family farm that grew your soybeans. Find the code on your carton and enter it here to meet your Organic Valley® soy farmer!

Unbelievable Taste!

The tasteful flavor of Organic Valley® Soy beverages that comes from fair trade organic vanilla and cane sugar, earned Organic Valley® the “National Health & Wellness Member Tested Seal of Approval” from the National Health & Wellness Club Magazine! A 93% overall taste approval rating and an 83% price point approval rating earned them this award.

Add deliciousness to your coffee today with a splash of Organic Valley® Original or French Vanilla flavored Organic Soy Creamer! 

Visit Organic Valley®’s website  to learn about the rest of their products! Also, keep up to date by following Organic Valley® on Facebook and Twitter!

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Planning on attending the Bite of Seattle, otherwise known as Northwest’s Premier Food Festival, this weekend? If so, you sure won’t miss the bright orange tents of the Organic & Natural Experience! Yes, that’s right, the ONE Booth will be distributing free organic and natural samples and coupons ALL weekend at the Bite of Seattle!

Here is a sneak peek at what you can taste at the ONE Booth this weekend!

This year’s 30th annual Bite of Seattle takes place THIS Friday, July 15th through Sunday, July 17th at the Seattle Center, downtown Seattle! Visit the ONE booth anytime Friday or Saturday between 11am-9pm, or Sunday 11am-8pm! You will find us at the corner of August Wilson Way & 2nd Avenue North!

Also, don’t forget to pick up this year’s edition of the ONE Coupon Book while stopping by the booth! Plenty of great savings including all of our 2011 partners!

Check out The Organic & Natural Experience on Facebook for more information!

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First Stop: Wynnewood Whole Foods Market in Philadelphia!

Last Friday the ONE Booth began it’s weekend in Philadelphia at the Wynnewood Whole Foods Market! Those visiting the store that day got the chance to stop at the ONE Booth before their shopping trip!

Shoppers had the opportunity to sample and pick up product coupons from a variety of our 2011 ONE Partners including Alexia Foods, Nature’s Path, R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic and So Delicious Dairy Free!

The product samples proved to be a treat for everyone! Visitors also couldn’t wait to use their newly received ONE coupon books during their shopping visit!

Manayunk Arts Festival Welcomes the ONE Booth!

After a successful day sampling at Whole Foods Market, the ONE Booth made it’s way to the Manayunk Arts Festival to continue sampling organic and natural products, distributing FREE coupons and interacting with visitors informing them of what the organic and natural experience is all about!

The ONE booth experienced long lines of excited attendees, constant distribution and fantastic weather the entire time of their visit which included all day Saturday and Sunday!

Sampling and Giveaways Included:

ONE Coupon Books

– Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Puffs and Coupons

Nature’s Path Berry Strawberry Granola Bars, Whole O’s Cereal Sample Packs, Heritage Flakes Cereal Sample Packs and Tote Bags!

R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Apple Juice, Organic Cran Blueberry Juice and Coupons

Santa Cruz Organic Peach Lemonade, Organic Orange Mango Juice and Coupons

– So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk and Ice Cream Sandwiches

“Like” The Organic & Natural Experience on Facebook for updates!

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Have you purchased or tasted So Delicious® Dairy Free Coconut Milk yet?

If not, here are more reasons why you should!

1. Delicious, smooth, and creamy taste -a tasty and healthy option for all ages
2. Ready to burn fats -medium chain fatty acids are used as energy rather than stored as fat
3. A great alternative to specific dietary limitations such as dairy allergens or lactose intolerance
4. This delicious beverage goes great on cereal, in coffee, mix into recipes and poured into a tall glass
5. Deliciously dairy free and vegan

So Delicious® Dairy Free Coconut Milk also contributes to bone health!

Did you know besides calcium and vitamin D, magnesium is a crucial mineral needed each and every day to contribute to bone health and growth? And yet, not enough people are taking in a sufficient amount each day!

However, from only one serving of So Delicious® Coconut Milk, you can get 10% of the recommended daily value of magnesium!

With the ultimate balance of minerals including calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, So Delicious® Dairy Free Coconut Milk maximizes calcium absorption which can help contribute to healthy bones!

Visit So Delicious® Dairy Free’s website for more nutritional info! For store locations, check out their store locator!

So Delicious® Dairy Free is also active on Facebook and Twitter!


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