Experience…Bravo, Premium Green Paper Towels!

NEW Bravo Premium Green Paper Towels are the first truly green paper towel.

This paper towel option will go further for you around the house and office.  Here’s why you can feel great about choosing Bravo for your family:

Premium Performance

Works Like Cloth

Incredible Scrub Strength         

Soft on Hands and Face

Highly Absorbent

Tough on Kitchen Clean Up

Won’t Fall Apart When Wet

Safe Ingredients

No Dyes and Fragrance-Free

Elemental Chlorine-Free

Made with 40% post consumer recycled fibers

Check out the Bravo website for details on where you can try the new Bravo Premium Green Paper Towels.

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Experience…Santa Cruz Organic!

Treat Yourself…Organically!

The Santa Cruz Organic brand is committed to producing the world’s finest certified organic products made from the highest quality ingredients available. They offer more than 60 products ranging from organic fruit juices to organic peanut butter, all made with USDA certified organic ingredients.

Treat yourself to one of  Santa Cruz Organic’s line of Sparkling Beverages! They are made up of zippy flavors like Mango Lemonade as well as traditional flavors like Root Beer and Ginger Ale. They are a great way to enjoy bubbly refreshment and are a great alternative to conventional sodas. Santa Cruz Organic products do not add artificial ingredients (no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives) to these tongue – and nose-tingling treats.

Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Beverages

Ginger Ale Sparkling Beverage

Lemon Lime Sparkling Beverage

Lemonade Sparkling Beverage

Mango Lemonade Sparkling Beverage NEW!

Orange Mango Sparkling Beverage

Pomegranate Limeade Sparkling Beverage NEW!

Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Beverage

Root Beer Sparkling Beverage

Have you tried any of Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Beverage flavors? Let us know which is your favorite!

Click here to visit Santa Cruz Organic’s website for more information about their products and where you can find them.

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Experience…R.W. Knudsen Family

Give Your Family the Best…For Goodness Sake!™

R.W. Knudsen Family has been using organic ingredients long before many consumers knew what ‘organic’ meant. They came to organics because of their enduring commitment to reduce the amount of synthetic pesticides and herbicides released into the environment.

Since, 1961 R.W. Knudsen has been bottling fruit juices from organic grape vineyards, without any artificial flavors, preservatives or sugar added to them. Today, the R.W. Knudsen Family brand’s diverse offerings include natural sports drinks, more than 125 types of natural, organic fruit and vegetable juices, elegant celebratory beverages, bubbly Spritzers and Spritzer Lights.

NEW! Sparkling Essence

Sparkling Essence uses only organic and natural flavors brewed with pure spring water to make these four delicious flavors of Sparkling Essence. The four flavors are: lemon, cooling mint, whole blueberries, and fresh cucumber. These have light, refreshing flavor without any calories, added sugar, or artificial ingredients.

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Click here to find where you can buy Sparkling Essence and other great R.W. Knudsen Family products.

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“At Nature’s Path, we live for healthy, great-tasting organic foods. It’s why we get up in the morning.”

NEW! MMMaple Pecan Granola Bars

Real, organic maple syrup, crunchy pecans and just the right amount of sweet, creamy icing; all made with good stuff like whole grain oats and flax. This bar is an excellent source of Omega 3’s. They use real organic maple syrup in their secret maple butter drizzle! No wonder they call them ‘Mmm..’

Other Great Nature’s Path Organic Products

Nature’s Path makes a line of flavorful and healthy hot and cold cereals, delicious crispy rice and granola bars, and organic crackers and cookies. And now, you can purchase all of you favorite Nature’s Path products right on the Nature’s Path website with their online store!

Or, Go online to find Nature’s Path in stores near you.

Don’t forget to bring your ONE Coupon Books to save $1.00 off any Nature’s Path product.

Have you tried Nature’s Path New MMMaple Pecan Granola Bars? Tell us what you think!

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Have you tried Mary’s Gone Crackers NEW love Cookies yet?

Mary’s recipes for gluten-free, organic cookies are the cookies she has been making in her kitchen for her family, since 1994.

“As always, from my kitchen to your table. Enjoy!” ~Mary

Mary is committed to healthy foods made from healthy ingredients, searching for years to find sweeteners that are real food, with health, nutritional, and environmental benefits. Mary is now making “love Cookies” in her own dedicated organic, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free facilitywith fabulous results! You’ll find these cookies to have a wonderful flavor and texture that actually make you feel good after eating them.

Exciting Ingredients in Mary’s love Cookies

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: made from the nectar of the flowers of the coconut palm tree. It is one of the lowest Glycemic index sweeteners available with a warm maple-brown sugar taste.

Organic Tapioca Syrup: made from pure tapioca root starch. This syrup adds a pure sweetness to all of the love cookies.

Organic Palm Fruit Oil: produced from the fruit clusters of palm oil trees and acts as a natural anti-oxidant.

Organic Chia Seeds: an ancient superfood, chia is high in omega-3 fatty acids and are a good source of protein and fiber.

Organic Quinoa Flakes: these replace oatmeal in the N’Oatmeal cookies making the cookies high in fiber with a great taste and texture.

ONE strives to give you the helpful resources and the know-how to make changes towards a healthier you and a healthier planet. Choosing products with only the best organic ingredients is the most powerful choice you can make every week.

Next time you’re in the grocery store, take some time to turn over the package and look at the ingredient list. You may be confused or in the case of Mary’s Gone Crackers, pleasantly surprise by the healthy and straight-forward ingredients.

Find Mary’s Gone Crackers love Cookies in a store near you using the online store locator.

Save $1.00 off any Mary’s Gone Crackers Product with your ONE Coupon Books!

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Have you tried Country Choice Organic’s Soft Baked Cookies yet?

There are many reasons to choose Country Choice Organic – below are 3 fantastic reasons why you should.

1) 100 Calories Per Pouch

The Soft Baked Cookies are perfectly convenient and a tasty 100 calorie snack. The cookies are individually wrapped making them great for your lunch box or for tossing in your purse.

2) Innovative Packaging Improves Freshness and Reduces Waste

Each box of Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies has 12% less material and contains 100% recycled paperboard. Eliminating the standard tray and over-wrap reduces the overall amount of plastic used in packaging and ensures each cookie is as fresh as the next.  “Creating a more sustainable future is a deeply held value at Country Choice Organic,” says John DePaolis, Country Choice Organic Chief Cookie Officer. By reducing the carton size, Country Choice minimizes the amount of packaging materials . . .dramatically improving the transportation-related carbon footprint.

3) Win a Year’s Supply of Country Choice Organic Products!

Country Choice Organic is giving away a year’s supply of their products to a lucky winner of the Country Choice Organic Photo Contest.

Are you training for a marathon, bike tour , hike, or any endurance sporting event?

Country Choice Organic wants you to upload photos that capture how you prepare your oats to best fuel your training.

Get the full details at the Country Choice Organic facebook community page!

Don’t forget to use your ONE Coupon Books to save $1.00 off Country Choice Organic!

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Experience…Country Choice Organic!

Country Choice Organic Makes It Easy To Eat Organic!

Country Choice Organic is known for their USDA certified organic oatmeal, cookie and snack products all made with real, simple and delicious ingredients. Country Choice Organic is committed to making it easier to eat organic by producing certified organic, tasty and convenient hot cereals, snacks and cookies.

NEW Line of Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies:

Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Cranberry

Double Fudge Brownie

In Stores Now!

*All Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies are made with no wheat ingredients.

NEW Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies are not your ordinary cookie! They offer a whole grain, organic and tasty snack convenient for those of you on the go.

Going one step further, Country Choice Organic has repackaged its long-time favorite Soft Baked Cookies in a new compact box to reduce excess packaging and improve the freshness of every cookie. The Soft Baked Cookies are baked fresh and individually wrapped to retain their chewy texture and homemade taste.

Country Choice Organic products can be found in natural food aisles nationwide.

For more product information or to purchase Country Choice Organic cookies online, visit Country Choice Organic.

And don’t forget to visit the Country Choice Organic blog – Thought for Food

Have you tried the NEW Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies?  Tell us what you think!

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