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June 16, 2010

ONE, the Organic and Natural Experience is a cooperative sampling and education tour that attends events across the country from April to October. We feel a strong commitment to our community, to our planet, and to educating people like you about organic and natural products. We have created a tour to allow you to sample and experience products that are healthy for you and products that are better for the planet. We hope that after stopping by the ONE booth at an event, you will walk away with more understanding about our passion for organic and natural products.

We care very deeply about the impact we leave on this planet, and that is why we are here to educate you and others like you about what you can do everyday to reduce your impact on the environment. Organic and Natural products are made with the environment and your health in mind. Buying organic and natural products supports organic farms, sustainable industry standards, and products made without harmful chemicals. ONE tours around the country to let you taste and experience organic and natural products. We want you to try these products, learn where they come from, and experience why organic and natural products are better.

Discover the Organic and Natural Experience:

Experience ONE

Come to the bright orange booth at one of the many events we attend. Try our samples and ask our Brand Activists about the product and where it comes from. I guarantee you will be impressed with not only the quality, but also with the amazing partners we tour with. Our partners take their products and environmental responsibility serious. They have some of the best organic and natural products on the market.

Here is a list of our 2010 ONE Partners:
  • Alexia Foods
  • BRAVO Green Premium Towels
  • Country Choice Organic
  • Nature’s Path
  • Numi Organic Tea
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • R.W. Knudsen Family
  • Santa Cruz Organic
  • Seeds of Change Foods
  • So Delicious

Pick up a ONE Coupon Book!

Each year, in addition to the events, we create and distribute a money-saving ONE Coupon Book. We distribute them at our events and at select retailers around the country. Want to start saving on natural and organic products with ONE Coupon Books? Visit the ONE booth at our next event to sample our products and get your own Coupon Book.

What if we aren’t visiting your city, no problem. Ask us and we will tell you where you can find our coupon books at a retailer near you!

Stay tuned to discover more about the Organic and Natural Experience!

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