Introducing HAPPYSQUEEZE™ organic SUPER smoothies!

Good news! Along with HAPPYMORNING™ breakfast smoothies, HAPPYFAMILY has also launched HAPPYSQUEEZE™, which offers the same beneficial Organic SuperFruits and SuperGrains and nutritional value but includes more delicious, unique flavors and another chance to consume your servings of protein, Omega 3’s and mega antioxidants! In fact, HAPPYSQUEEZE™ smoothies provide as much protein as 1 egg and over 400mg of Omega 3’s!

HAPPYFAMILY has made a conscious effort to go beyond the traditional fruity flavors and provide unique, nutrient rich flavors that can be appreciated by a wider demographic. The flavors of HAPPYSQUEEZE™ include Super Orange + Pumpkin, Super Pom, Apple + Peach, Super Yumberry + Apple! With each flavor tasting so delicious , you will be surprised each HAPPYSQUEEZE™ pouch only contains near 100 calories!

Be healthy. Get HAPPY.

Try out the high-protein HAPPYSQUEEZE™ smoothies today! Available online at, and Choose from either the single pouches or the multi-pack containing 16 pouches! Great for portability and convenience to take on-the-go or as a midday snack!

Visit their NEW website at and stay tuned as to when HAPPYSQUEEZE™ products will be available in stores! For updates and additional information, be sure to “like” their Facebook page!

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You may already be aware of HAPPYBABY, which was launched five years ago to give babies and toddlers a healthy start in life. Nowadays, the product line has been extended to offer nutritious snacks for tots, teens and the entire family!

Introducing HAPPYMORNING™ organic SUPER smoothies!

HAPPYMORNING™ offers healthy and tasty smoothies full of Organic SuperFruits and SuperGrains to keep you functioning at a high level all day.

This convenient breakfast smoothie is offered in unique Eco-friendly pouches, which is perfect to be eaten either on-the-go, as a midday snack, or as a quick refreshment after a workout!

Choose either flavor of Super Banana or Super Cinnamon! Both near 100 calories, contain 6 grams of protein, and over 400 milligrams of Omega 3’s!

Be healthy. Get HAPPY.

HAPPYMORNING products are available online at, and

Stay tuned at as to when HAPPYMORNING products will be available in stores near you! Also, visit their website for news, videos, activities and nutrition tips! For updates, be sure to “like” their Facebook page!

Watch for Thursday’s ONE Community Scoop post to learn about HAPPYSQUEEZE™ products from HAPPYFAMILY! 

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