The latest Scoop from the 2010 ONE Partners:

Alexia Foods,    Bravo Premium Paper Towels,    Country Choice Organic,

Mary’s Gone Crackers,    Nature’s Path Organic,    Numi Organic Tea,

R.W. Knudsen Family,    Santa Cruz Organic,    Seeds of Change Foods,

So Delicious Dairy Free

Alexia Foods – ‘Reinvent a Classic with Alexia’ – place your vote for the next Alexia Foods fry variety! Place your Vote!

Bravo Premium Paper Towels – Get ready for 2011 with a free and nature inspired Bravo Calendar ScreenSaver for your computer! Get your very own computer Calendar!

Country Choice Organic – Country Choice Organic is donating oatmeal to Hope for the City Food Shelves for every new facebook fan! Help the Oatmeal Donation!

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Catch up on the latest feature of Mary’s Gone Crackers in the LA Gluten-Free Food Examiner! Read the Review!

Nature’s Path Organic – Sift through dozens of Nature’s Path Organic inspired recipes for you upcoming holiday gathering! Get Cooking!

Numi Organic Tea – Stay warm and connected this winter season with the Numi Organic Tea ‘Steeped in Sustainability’ blog! Sip on This!

R.W. Knudsen Family – Looking for a new thirst quencher that will impress the family this holiday? Celebrate in style this season with R.W. Knudsen beverage recipes! Impress your Guests!

Santa Cruz Organic – Spice up the holiday side dishes with some recipe ideas from Santa Cruz Organic! Pass that Dish!

Seeds of Change Foods – Connect with Seeds of Change through Twitter for your chance to win basket of organic goodies! Take me to Twitter!

So Delicious Dairy Free – See why health and wellness coach Jillian Michaels loves So Delicious Dairy Free. Hear it from an Expert!

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Have you tried Country Choice Organic’s Soft Baked Cookies yet?

There are many reasons to choose Country Choice Organic – below are 3 fantastic reasons why you should.

1) 100 Calories Per Pouch

The Soft Baked Cookies are perfectly convenient and a tasty 100 calorie snack. The cookies are individually wrapped making them great for your lunch box or for tossing in your purse.

2) Innovative Packaging Improves Freshness and Reduces Waste

Each box of Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies has 12% less material and contains 100% recycled paperboard. Eliminating the standard tray and over-wrap reduces the overall amount of plastic used in packaging and ensures each cookie is as fresh as the next.  “Creating a more sustainable future is a deeply held value at Country Choice Organic,” says John DePaolis, Country Choice Organic Chief Cookie Officer. By reducing the carton size, Country Choice minimizes the amount of packaging materials . . .dramatically improving the transportation-related carbon footprint.

3) Win a Year’s Supply of Country Choice Organic Products!

Country Choice Organic is giving away a year’s supply of their products to a lucky winner of the Country Choice Organic Photo Contest.

Are you training for a marathon, bike tour , hike, or any endurance sporting event?

Country Choice Organic wants you to upload photos that capture how you prepare your oats to best fuel your training.

Get the full details at the Country Choice Organic facebook community page!

Don’t forget to use your ONE Coupon Books to save $1.00 off Country Choice Organic!

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Experience…Country Choice Organic!

Country Choice Organic Makes It Easy To Eat Organic!

Country Choice Organic is known for their USDA certified organic oatmeal, cookie and snack products all made with real, simple and delicious ingredients. Country Choice Organic is committed to making it easier to eat organic by producing certified organic, tasty and convenient hot cereals, snacks and cookies.

NEW Line of Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies:

Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Cranberry

Double Fudge Brownie

In Stores Now!

*All Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies are made with no wheat ingredients.

NEW Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies are not your ordinary cookie! They offer a whole grain, organic and tasty snack convenient for those of you on the go.

Going one step further, Country Choice Organic has repackaged its long-time favorite Soft Baked Cookies in a new compact box to reduce excess packaging and improve the freshness of every cookie. The Soft Baked Cookies are baked fresh and individually wrapped to retain their chewy texture and homemade taste.

Country Choice Organic products can be found in natural food aisles nationwide.

For more product information or to purchase Country Choice Organic cookies online, visit Country Choice Organic.

And don’t forget to visit the Country Choice Organic blog – Thought for Food

Have you tried the NEW Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies?  Tell us what you think!

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ONE on a Budget

July 28, 2010

Get the best bang for your buck with your ONE Coupon Book –

Rise and Shine!

  • Start your day off with a cup of Numi Organic Earl Grey Tea$1.00 Off
  • Get your metabolism kick-started with a bowl of Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola and So Delicious Coconut Milk – each $1.00 Off
  • Enjoy easy to make restaurant-style Alexia Foods Organic Hash Browns$1.00 Off
  • Wash everything down with a refreshing glass of Santa Cruz Organic Orange Mango Juice$0.75 Off

Total Savings before Noon – $4.75!

An Afternoon Picnic!

  • Pair your favorite cheese with Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten Free Herb Crackers$1.00 Off
  • Get in a fruit serving while soaking in some sun rays with Santa Cruz Organic Apple Peach Sauce$0.75 Off
  • Enjoy and maybe even share a Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookie$1.00 Off
  • And it wouldn’t be a complete picnic without an R.W. Knudsen Family Jamaican Lemonade$0.75 Off
  • Remember to pack your Bravo Paper Towels for any spills – $0.50 Off

Total Picnic Basket Savings – $4.00!

A Dinner Feast!

  • Impress your friends or family with the tasty and easy to prepare Seeds of Change Foods Uyuni Microwavable Rice and Korma Creamy Indian Curry Sauce – each $1.00 Off
  • Also easy to bake and the perfect dinner compliment is Alexia Foods’ Garlic Baguette$1.00 Off
  • Stay hydrated with R.W. Knudsen Family’s Sparkling Essence Lemon$0.75 Off
  • Finish the meal out with dessert, a big glass of So Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla Coconut Milk $1.00 Off and Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.00 Off

Total Dinner Savings – $5.75!

These organic and natural options saved you a total of $14.50 with your ONE Coupon Book (while still eating and drinking in style)!

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ONE’s 2010 Partners!


Bravo (Sellars)


Mary’s Gone



R.W. Knudsen

Santa Cruz

Seeds of


Other Dedicated Organic & Natural Brands That We Love

Annie’s Homegrown, Avalon Organics, Back to Nature, Barbara’s Bakery, Bear Naked, Brassica Tea, Brown Cow Farm, Cascadian Farm, Castor & Pollux Organic Pet Food, Clif Bar, Dagoba Organic Chocolate, Del Monte Organic, Dr. Bronner’s Soap, Earthbound Farm, Fantastic World Foods, Garden of Eatin’, GoodBelly, Horizon Dairy, Ian’s Naturals, Kashi, Lifeway Kefir, Luna Bar, MaraNatha, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Muir Glen, Native Energy, Nature’s Path Foods, Odwalla, Organic Exchange, Organic Valley, Pacific Natural Foods, Rachel’s Organic Yogurt, Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Seventh Generation, Silk Soymilk, Stonyfield Farm, Sun Crystals, Teas’ Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Utne Reader Magazine, Van’s Natural Foods, Wholesome Sweeteners

Check out our Facebook News Bulletin for a full list of our favorite brands and discover your passion for organic and natural.

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