Refreshing coconut milk that comes in a variety of flavors.

With 6 different flavors of coconut milk, there is bound to be a So Delicious variety to please everyone. Flavors range from favorites like chocolate and vanilla, to mint chocolate and sugar-free original. The chocolate, vanilla, and sugar-free vanilla flavors even come in a single-serve size, which is great to use while on-the-go!

What’s so great about coconut milk, you ask? For one, the health benefits that are associated to coconut make it a great alternative to dairy milk. For the full article, please click here.

Coconut Milks on the ONE Tour

In addition to sampling the So Delicious Almond+Original milk on the ONE Tour, we have also been sampling coconut milk. Here is what visitors to the ONE Booth are saying about it:

Chocolate Coconut Milk
No need for milk and chocolate syrup–this tastes just as good!” -Boulder
“My daughter loves the chocolate milk! She begs me for more!” -Philadelphia

Vanilla Coconut Milk
“I use the Vanilla Coconut Milk in my cereal and I can’t even tell the difference.” -Philadelphia
“I love coconut-flavored foods, so this milk really hits the spot!” -Boulder
“This coconut milk is so refreshing!” -Portland

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A new line of almond products is launched by So Delicious Dairy Free.

This spring, So Delicious Dairy Free introduced its new line of dairy-free almond milk products to the market. Almond offerings include milk, frozen milk desserts (with fun flavors like Cookies ‘N Cream & Mocha Almond Fudge), and frozen treats such as the Mocha Almond Fudge Bar and Vanilla Sandwich.

Almond+Original Milk

This year on the ONE Tour we have been sampling a variety of So Delicious products, including the Almond+Original milk. This milk is soy-free and provides “5 times more protein than any other almond milk available” ! In addition, this milk comes in both original and vanilla flavors.

Here is what visitors to the ONE Booth are saying about the new Almond+Original milk:

From the Boulder Creek Festival:
“I can’t wait to try this almond milk in my coffee!”
“I always drink soy milk and I’ve never tried almond. I think I will have to make a switch next time I’m at the store!”

From the Bite of Seattle:
“My son can’t drink dairy so I will have this in the fridge for him.”
“The almond milk is a lot thicker than the Blue Diamond brand.”

From the San Francisco Marathon Expo:
I love your almond milk–I just switched from Almond Breeze.”
“So Delicious is the perfect name for these products!”

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Try these new almond varieties today, & use your ONE Coupon Book to save $1.00 off any one So Delicious product!

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If you have visited The Organic & Natural Booth this year, chances are you have been lucky enough to sample some delicious juices from R.W. Knudsen. ONE is sampling two tasty varieties: Organic Cranberry Pomegranate and the Black Cherry Spritzer.

Organic Cranberry Pomegranate

 Of R.W. Knudsen’s Organic Juice selection, the Organic Cranberry Pomegranate was chosen from over 14 other varieties to be showcased during the ONE Tour. It contains 100% juice and has no added sugar. For complete nutritional information, click here.

What do ONE booth visitors have to say about it? 

“It tastes like it was just made.” -Austin
“Cranberry Pomegranate? I love it!” -Portland
“It’s great to have juice without all of the sugar additives.” -Boulder

Black Cherry Spritzer

The all-natural Black Cherry Spritzer is a flavored sparkling beverage–a great alternative for those who drink soda. Each package comes with 4 cans, and the spritzers are also offered in 13 other flavors. For complete nutritional information, click here.

What are people saying about the spritzer?

“The spritzer is a great alternative for my son because he loves carbonated drinks.” -Boulder
“This is so flavorful!” -Seattle
“I love the spritzer, especially on a hot day like today.” -Seattle

Feeling thirsty? Use this store locator to find the nearest spot to pick-up these juices and try them for yourself!

Upcoming ONE Events:

Looking to both learn about and sample organic and natural products? Visit these events this fall:


  • Atlanta Summer Shade Festival — Atlanta, GA


  • Naperville Last Fling — Naperville, IL
  • ArtWalk on the Bay — San Diego, CA


  • Twin Cities Marathon & Health and Wellness Expo — St Paul, MN
  • Oyster Festival — Long Island, NY
  • Art & Pumpkin Festival — San Francisco, CA
  • Boston Head of Charles Regatta –Boston, MA

Click here for the ONE Tour schedule details, and be sure to Like us on Facebook to stay updated on tour information!

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The Use of Natural & Organic Ingredients

R.W. Knudsen has been using organic ingredients since 1961. The reason? The company is committed “to reduce the amount of synthetic pesticides and herbicides released into the environment.” Not only does R.W. Knudsen stand behind organic agriculture, but it also is careful to adhere to the required practices and procedures required of an organic handler.

From Russel W. Knudsen’s original grape juice to today’s 125+ varieties, one thing remains unchanged: quality. Each product is made with 100% natural ingredients (no sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors added!), and 50% of R.W. Knudsen products are made using 95% or greater certified organic ingredients.

Renewable Energy Used during Production

R.W. Knudsen realizes that the way in which it operates its facilities its just as important as the quality ingredients used in its products. The company has invested in technologies such as those that capture waste heat and methane gas, which is converted to power things such as the facility’s electricity and the pasteurization process. R.W. Knudsen is able to obtain almost half of its energy needs (during peak hours) from the energy it is able to renew in the facility.

Learn More about R.W. Knudsen:

Use your ONE Coupon Book to save $1.00 off any one RW Knudsen product!

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Marathon runners visit the Expo to fuel-up before the race.

Retail Demo Day 

The Organic and Natural Experience welcomed customers at the Rainbow Grocery Coop on Thursday, July 26th. Sampling was done over lunch, from 10:30am-1:30pm.

Free samples of So Delicious Fudge bars were handed out to store visitors. In addition, brand coupons were given out for savings on products from Alexia Foods, Amy’s Kitchen, Country Choice Organic, RW Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic, and Wholesome Sweeteners.

The SF Marathon Expo

During the last weekend in July, The Organic & Natural Experience greeted the runners of the San Francisco Marathon as they picked up their race materials. The San Francisco Marathon features a variety of races, including a full marathon, half marathons, a 5K, and a kids run.

ONE was located in The Concourse Exhibition Center, near the Southwest side of the building. The Expo featured a variety of health and wellness exhibitors, a seminar series, meditation sessions, yoga sessions, an interactive tech center, and a runner’s lounge.

Throughout the two-day expo, the exhibition center was extremely busy and packed with people. ONE handed out samples to both runners and spectators of the race.

Brands and Sampling

ONE booth visitors sampled products from two of our ONE partners:

  • Amy’s Kitchen — Rice Mac & Cheese
  • So Delicious  Organic Fudge Bars (dairy-free!), Chocolate Coconut Milk, Vanilla Coconut Milk, & Almond Plus Original Milk.

Product coupons and the ONE coupon book were also handed out to our booth visitors for extra savings on their next grocery shopping trip.

The Organic & Natural Experience had a great time in San Francisco, and is looking forward to its next stop: Atlanta!

Be sure to check out the Organic & Natural Experience on Facebook and Pinterest:

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The Bite of Seattle welcomes ONE in WA.

Retail Demo Day 

On Thursday, July 19th, The Organic and Natural Experience welcomed customers at Whole Foods Market-Interbay location. Sampling was done over lunch, from 10:30am-1:30pm.

ONE provided shoppers with delicious product samples and coupons from our partners, including So Delicious Fudge Bars, RW Knudsen Recharge sticks, Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce, and a variety of Wholesome Sweetener packets. In addition, brand coupons were given out for savings on products from Alexia Foods, Amy’s Kitchen, and GroVia.

Bite of Seattle 

The Bite of Seattle, known as the Northwest’s premier food festival, kicked off on Friday, July 20th. The the three day festival welcomed over 400,000 attendees into the Seattle Center for a weekend full of food and fun.

The booth was located on the corner of August Wilson Way & 2nd Ave North. Friday saw a bit of rain, but as it cleared the umbrellas disappeared and more people filed into the Seattle Center.

ONE was kept busy with steady lines of people eager to taste our organic & natural samples. At times, people patiently waited in line for 10-15 minutes for their chance to personally try different products and pick-up great coupons for their favorite samples.

Brands and Sampling

ONE booth visitors sampled products from seven of our ONE partners:

  • Alexia FoodsSweet Potato Puffs
  • Amy’s Kitchen — Rice Mac & Cheese
  • GroVia — Cloth Diapers & Accessories
  • RW Knudsen — Sparkling Black Cherry & Organic Cranberry Pomegranate juices, Recharge Powder Sticks (in Lemon, Orange, Grape, & Tropical flavors)
  • Santa Cruz Organic — Cherry Lemonade & Sparkling Orange Mango juices, Apple Cinnamon Sauce Cups
  • So Delicious  Organic Fudge Bars (dairy-free!)
  • Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Sugar, Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Stevia, Organic Light Blue Agave
Product coupons and the ONE coupon book were also handed out to booth visitors for savings on their next grocery shopping trip!

As always, ONE thoroughly enjoyed the Bite of Seattle.  Stay tuned for our next recap on the San Francisco Marathon Expo!

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Steel Cut Oats Cook in 5 Minutes!

Country Choice Organic is excited to introduce its latest oatmeal: Single Serve Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. Each box contains eight single packets, each with 150 calories, 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. 

The single serve packets are perfect for busy families who are constantly on-the-go. This oatmeal is a great time-saver: it cooks in the microwave for a mere 5 minutes! The Quick Cook Steel Cut Oatmeal is available in organic food aisles nationwide, and it retails for approximately $3.99.

What exactly is “steel cut”?

Steel cut oats are the whole-grain groats that have been cut into pieces. In the past, these groats have taken longer to cook, but Country Choice Organic cuts these oats in a special way in order to improve cooking time.

Other instant oatmeal varieties: Country Choice Organic has 5 other fantastic flavors, including Cranberry Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Maple, Maple Raisin Spice, and Original. Click here for the nutritional facts and ingredients on each oatmeal variety.

Learn More:

Try hearty steel cut oatmeal for your next breakfast meal!

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