Santa Cruz Organic: ONE Tour

September 20, 2012

ONE Tour

Santa Cruz Organic has a juice & apple sauce flavor to suit anyone’s unique taste. Many products come in convenient travel sizes–perfect for packing for lunch or even grabbing while you run out the door to start your busy day.

During this season of the Organic & Natural Experience tour, we have been sampling two juices and an apple sauce. In particular, the tour has featured the Santa Cruz Organic Cherry Lemonade, Orange Mango, and the Apple Cinnamon Sauce Cups.

What are people saying after trying it for themselves?

From the Austin Old Pecan Street Festival:
“It tastes like it was just made.”
“Cherry lemonade–I never thought that could taste so good.”
“The apple sauce tastes like fresh apples.”

From the Boulder Creek Festival:
“This lemonade is delicious and not watered-down like a lot of other brands.”
“My kids love apple sauce and I normally won’t give it to them because they have added sugars–so this is perfect!”
“An apple sauce made with apple sauce? Love it!”

From the Portland Rose Festival:
“This lemonade is something special!”
“I love the apple sauce! It’s so cinnamon-y.”
“Cherry and lemonade together? That’s a unique flavor.”

From the Bite of Seattle:
“This juice reminds me of my childhood.”
“You can taste all the different flavors at once.”
“These are so flavorful!”

Learn More about Santa Cruz Organic

Look for Santa Cruz Organic samples at the ONE Booth during the upcoming Oyster Festival in Long Island, NY!

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Organic Certification

Each and every product from Santa Cruz Organic is certified USDA Organic. What is certified USDA Organic? A product that contains at least 95% organic ingredients (excluding water or salt), whose remaining 5% of ingredients “are not commercially available in an organic form” and are “not produced using specifically prohibited methods” (for more in-depth information, click here).

Any product that meets this criteria is labeled organic and can be labeled with the organic seal (pictured above).

Helping the Earth

Renewable Energy  Santa Cruz Organic is a big supporter of renewable energy, and uses various forms (such as solar energy and capturing and converting methane gas to electricity) to produce energy for a manufacturing facility in Chico, CA. Santa Cruz Organic also buys renewable energy, which prevents a large sum of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Reducing Waste  Did you know…last year in 2011, Santa Cruz Organic was able to recycle 99.5% of the items that came into its production facility! In addition, the company has received props from the Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) for the past 12 years, acknowledging Santa Cruz’s actions to save energy, recycle more, and ultimately reduce waste.

Learn More about Santa Cruz Organic:

Be sure to use your ONE Coupon Book to save $1.00 off any one Santa Cruz Organic product!

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products contain plant-derived essential oils.

Those essential oils are powerful against the dirt and grime that can build up in your home, but will leave you with the smells of a beautiful garden!

Inspired by a mother of nine…

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day company strives to create household cleaning products free of harsh and stinky chemicals, but that will still get the job done when it comes to keeping a busy house clean.

Earth Friendly…

All of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are packaged in recyclable materials, are cruelty-free (no testing on animals or made with animal-derived ingredients) and are safe for use in homes with pets — woof-woof, meow !

Learn More

Don’t forget to use your ONE Coupon Book to save $1.00 off any one Mrs. Meyer’s product!

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Garden fresh dish soaps on the ONE Tour

This year, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is hitting the road with The ONE Tour to share the wonderfully fragrant dish soap varieties – Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Basil, Geranium, Blue Bell, and Rosemary.

If you have never enjoyed washing the dishes in the past, your day is here! Trust us, these soaps (free of ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates and petroleum distillates…phew, what a mouthful) will leave your hands feeling soft and your kitchen smelling like the garden.

Not only does Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day offer no-nonsense dish soaps, there are a variety of aromatherapeutic household cleaners that will make you want to clean everyday! Explore to see the full line-up.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to stop by The ONE Booth this fall at the NY Oyster Festival (October 13-14) and the Boston Head of the Charles Regatta (October 20-21) to get your own samples!

Oyster Festival–Long Island, NY

Head of Charles Regatta–Boston, MA

Use your ONE coupon book for great savings on Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products!

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Sweeteners on the ONE Tour

This year, Wholesome Sweeteners has been providing ONE booth visitors with plenty of samples to satisfy their sugar cravings! The sample boxes, pictured below, include ten amazing sweeteners and two $2 off coupons inside! Some flavors include Organic Blue Agave (in flavors such as Strawberry, Cinnamon, and Maple), as well as Organic Stevia and Raw Cane Sugar.

The flavored Organic Blue Agave packets even have recommendations for what foods taste great with the particular sweetener. The original Organic Blue Agave goes great in beverages or on pancakes and oatmeal, whereas the Organic Blue Agave Cinnamon flavor is best in beverages and on waffles and toast.

What do ONE Booth visitors have to say?

“I can’t wait to try this in my coffee in the morning!” -Austin
“I love Stevia and I can’t wait to try the Strawberry Agave on my pancakes.” -Boulder
“I bake a lot, so the Vanilla Sweetener will be great in my cupcakes.” -Boulder
“I love that it’s all fair trade. That’s really important.” -Portland
“I love Stevia because it tastes the same as sugar!” -Philadelphia
“Agave is great–I use it in salads, coffee, and almost everything!” -Philadelphia

Upcoming Events

Visit the ONE booth at any of the following events to try Wholesome Sweeteners for yourself!



Use your ONE coupon book for great savings on Wholesome Sweeteners products!

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Wholesome Sweeteners Supports Fair Trade

Wholesome Sweeteners is proud to support fair trade – all of their products are fair trade certified. What does that mean exactly? Glad you asked! When a product is fair trade certified it means the farmers that produced the crop have been paid a fair price. Other benefits of a fair trade system include (source):

  • Fair labor conditions
  • Direct Trade with Producers
  • Democratic and transparent organizations
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Sustainability

Essentially, the fair trade system allows for smaller-scale farmers to compete with the larger factory farms. When a smaller farmer is supported through fair trade they can afford to keep their own land and support their own family’s growth. That sounds pretty good!

Environmental Responsibility

The Wholesome Sweeteners products are made using traditional methods:

Sugar cane is hand cultivated and grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Products are made in small mills the spent sugar cane or blue agave remnants are recycled as fuel to generate electricity for the mill and nearby villages.

Partnerships are in place with Fair Trade Certified Cooperative Farmers wherever possible – specifically in Malawi, Costa Rica, Mexico, & Paraguay.

Learn More about Wholesome Sweeteners

Look for Wholesome Sweeteners samples at the ONE Booth during the upcoming Naperville Last Fling in Naperville, IL!

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Refreshing coconut milk that comes in a variety of flavors.

With 6 different flavors of coconut milk, there is bound to be a So Delicious variety to please everyone. Flavors range from favorites like chocolate and vanilla, to mint chocolate and sugar-free original. The chocolate, vanilla, and sugar-free vanilla flavors even come in a single-serve size, which is great to use while on-the-go!

What’s so great about coconut milk, you ask? For one, the health benefits that are associated to coconut make it a great alternative to dairy milk. For the full article, please click here.

Coconut Milks on the ONE Tour

In addition to sampling the So Delicious Almond+Original milk on the ONE Tour, we have also been sampling coconut milk. Here is what visitors to the ONE Booth are saying about it:

Chocolate Coconut Milk
No need for milk and chocolate syrup–this tastes just as good!” -Boulder
“My daughter loves the chocolate milk! She begs me for more!” -Philadelphia

Vanilla Coconut Milk
“I use the Vanilla Coconut Milk in my cereal and I can’t even tell the difference.” -Philadelphia
“I love coconut-flavored foods, so this milk really hits the spot!” -Boulder
“This coconut milk is so refreshing!” -Portland

Learn More

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