Santa Cruz Organic: ONE Tour

September 20, 2012

ONE Tour

Santa Cruz Organic has a juice & apple sauce flavor to suit anyone’s unique taste. Many products come in convenient travel sizes–perfect for packing for lunch or even grabbing while you run out the door to start your busy day.

During this season of the Organic & Natural Experience tour, we have been sampling two juices and an apple sauce. In particular, the tour has featured the Santa Cruz Organic Cherry Lemonade, Orange Mango, and the Apple Cinnamon Sauce Cups.

What are people saying after trying it for themselves?

From the Austin Old Pecan Street Festival:
“It tastes like it was just made.”
“Cherry lemonade–I never thought that could taste so good.”
“The apple sauce tastes like fresh apples.”

From the Boulder Creek Festival:
“This lemonade is delicious and not watered-down like a lot of other brands.”
“My kids love apple sauce and I normally won’t give it to them because they have added sugars–so this is perfect!”
“An apple sauce made with apple sauce? Love it!”

From the Portland Rose Festival:
“This lemonade is something special!”
“I love the apple sauce! It’s so cinnamon-y.”
“Cherry and lemonade together? That’s a unique flavor.”

From the Bite of Seattle:
“This juice reminds me of my childhood.”
“You can taste all the different flavors at once.”
“These are so flavorful!”

Learn More about Santa Cruz Organic

Look for Santa Cruz Organic samples at the ONE Booth during the upcoming Oyster Festival in Long Island, NY!

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