Resources to Live the ONE Lifestyle

July 23, 2010


Instead of owning a car you can ‘car share’ with Hour Car. Reserve a car when you need it then drop it back off. You don’t have to worry about the expenses of owning a car and you will be helping the environment by driving less.


Find a ride for yourself or offer to pick up someone on your way. It’s a free, global service using social network sites to connect you to people with similar interests or with people which you are already connected to via work colleagues or other friends.

Public Bike Sharing

Public bike sharing. Rent a bike from the numerous bike hubs when you need a ride and then return it to another bike hub.

Chicago –

Denver –

D.C. –

Miami –

Stay up to date on future bike sharing –

Recycling 101

Learn more about recycling and reusing household materials. Search for recycling options near you with their zipcode search.

Find easy things you can do to reduce your waste.

Host a Clothing Exchange

Swap your clothes with other women from all over the world online!

Neighborhood children clothing exchanges are great ways to reuse clothes that are outgrown.

Or, throw a party for all of your girlfriends and exchange all your unwanted clothes for new ones. It’s fun and saves you from having to buy new clothes.


Reuse household items to makes something new. Sites like TipNut list numerous ideas to re-purpose things you no
longer use.

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